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Article: Why Choose Go Gently Nation?

Why Choose Go Gently Nation?
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Why Choose Go Gently Nation?

At Go Gently we take our sustainable mission seriously.

We think about every single decision and how we can maximize resources

and reuse as much as possible. In our warehouse we have many boxes of fabric remnants left from our past productions. We use these remnants to cut our 1st samples as well as accessories like hair bows, scarfs, and clothes for dolls. 

Most manufacturers never even see their remaining fabrics after a cut.

We have trained our cutters to save the leftover fabric, and we organize these remnants in our warehouse after each production.

We repurpose our Apparel Bags

If you have received an order from us then you know our garments did not arrive in individual plastic bags. This is because we reuse every apparel bag for the next production. The apparel bags get organized by size, bundled and go back to the factory.

You will see the stickers have been restickered many times as new garments are made. It is important that the garment stay in the recycled plastic bag till it ships in order to protect the garment.

This whole apparel bag management process is a lot of work, but we find it very rewarding and in line with our mission! It took a little bit for our factories to be on board, as it is more work for them, but we have all learned to appreciate it.


Hang Tags

We of course use recycled paper hang tags, and we decided a few years ago to only ship a single hang tag per order to reduce waste. As we know customers will only throw them away. Also, this decision reduces a lot of work for our factories, because they don’t have to hang tag every garment before packaging. They are very grateful to not have this extra step!

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