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Article: Q+A with Chrissy Powers

Q+A with Chrissy Powers

Q+A with Chrissy Powers

Here at Go Gently, we try to seek meaning in everything we do, and we try to surround ourselves with like-minded people and together spread some kind of goodness. Below, Chrissy Powers @chrissyjpowers shares a bit of her heart with us as we peek into her life as a blogger, life coach, and mama to three little ones.
What is one quote you live by as a mother?

It's not really a quote but more of a mindset... I've experienced a lot of anxiety in motherhood so it grounds and comforts me when I remind myself of this truth that "God loves my children more than I do."

What’s one lesson your kids have taught you (about love)?
Love is patient.

What traits are you grateful for in your children?
In Waylon, I'm grateful that he makes friends with people wherever we go… He will literally walk up to another child and ask them if they want to play with him. It warms my heart that he doesn't see color, shape, race or socioeconomic status, he just sees a friend.

In Zeke, I love this tenderness. He loves his family something fierce and is sweet and sensitive. Also, he loves food and makes the craziest concoctions like tacos dipped in hot chocolate and he loves to share it with others.

In Ruby, I love her smile... You can already tell she is going to have the sweetest personality. I think she will be very empathic.

How do you show yourself love?
I exercise, I allow myself to splurge every once in a while on something that makes me feel beautiful, I no longer pick myself apart in front of the mirror, and I eat dark chocolate at the end of the day, ha ha! I think the biggest thing I've ever done to show myself love was going on a solo trip to a healing retreat for the weekend. I unplugged, let other people take care of my kids and I worked on my issues, ha ha… It was amazing.

How do you want to be remembered?
Oh, good question! I want to be remembered as someone who encouraged others to live a whole life. I want my family to remember me by how much I loved them.

When was the last time you laughed hard?
Oh my gosh... the last time I laughed hard was when my husband found the "hot sex" coupon book I gave him when we were newly married. Needless to say those coupons have expired, but we got the best belly laughs out of reading those coupons because they are not so no realistic with 3 kids at home, ha ha.

What does the message “Seek to Understand” mean to you?
To me, it makes me think that you should always be a student… Once you think you have it all figured it out, you stop learning and growing. I never want to stop growing.
We so enjoyed working with Chrissy and to all of the mamas out there, please be good to yourself this holiday and remember how very important of a job being a Mom is!

Many thanks to @tarynkentphoto and @songbirdjules for putting this collaboration together.

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