Welcome Spring with the Best Organic Styles for Kids

Spring is just around the corner. It's the perfect time to refresh your little one’s wardrobe with comfy and adorable sustainable outfits. Go Gently Nation is here to help with our top picks for the best organic cotton kids clothes this season. Organic cotton is better for your child's skin and overall health. It’s grown without harmful chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin or cause allergic reactions. And we all know how important it is for your children's health that they have a clean environment to grow up in—and what better way than by making sure the clothes they wear come from a non-toxic environment too? From organic cotton tees to organic and hemp fabric dresses and everything in between,...

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How to Get Started with Eco-friendly Living

  An eco-friendly living space is a great way to make your life more sustainable and reduce your impact on the planet. It also ensures your home provides comfort and relaxation rather than stress and anxiety.  In this guide, we’ll show you how to make your home eco-friendly without breaking the bank or sacrificing style. Sustainable Grocery Shopping 1. Use Reusable Shopping Bags As we all know, ditching plastic shopping bags is a must. Most cities have banned plastic shopping bags at the store levels, but if not, just bring your own bag. When plastic bags are thrown away, they don’t break down in the environment. Instead, they get trapped in the water system or landfills, where they can leach...

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5 Eco Friendly Back to School Tips

Going back to school after a long summer break can be exciting for our little ones, but it’s also a time when a lot of waste is generated. From new school supplies to clothes and lunch gear, there’s a lot that ends up in landfill.  Below are some tips to help you shop more sustainably this back-to-school season. You can also take advantage of these tips to teach your child how to care for our planet. 1. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle When Possible  When it comes to back-to-school shopping, remember the three Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle.  Start by thinking about the things you use and throw away every day—and then figure out ways to reuse them. This means recycling...

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15 Years of Go Gently Nation: Pioneering and Setting Standards in Sustainable Fashion Since 2007

Founder and Creative Director Kristin Coia, is the visionary businesswoman behind the famed lifestyle brand. While pregnant with her eldest child Henry, Kristin quickly discovered there was a great need in the marketplace for simple, classic baby apparel that was stylish, high quality and both organic and sustainable. Though spending years in the hospitality industry, she was ever-desirous of owning her own business. Therefore in 2007, the idea for her own line and the niche she had found in the market culminated in the creation of the brand Go Gently Baby. To date, the company has evolved into the  lifestyle brand, renamed, Go Gently Nation. The brand focuses on baby, kid’s and women’s apparel and accessories, however, a menswear collection...

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