Summer Activities List

July 06, 2018

If you are like us, you are thinking about filling up those summer days for the kiddos. Well, we have some fun filled eco-friendly activities that are exciting for the kids and the whole family. Created by our Go Gently Nation team to get the kids outside and enjoying nature. One tip that we have found that makes going places and getting the kids engaged, is making a list of things that the kids need to find and discover. If you have a little one that complains a lot ( we do ), this really helps the kids have fun!

1. Recycled Creativity: Think ‘Makerspace’ type construction activities with recycled materials from around the home or office. Building a fort out of cardboard boxes or craft something functional like a bird feeder out of popsicle sticks or a recycled paper airplane with a straw launcher built-in. Kids DIY paired with education! Though Pinterest hosts a plethora of eco-friendly bird feeder ideas one we like can be found at 

2. Gardening: Engage your child's curiosity for nature and how things grow. Planting, nurturing and watching easy to grow seeds like tomatoes or sunflowers will give a child the opportunity to learn about life cycles as well as learn about environmental awareness. It’s so fun! We just recently planted a raised bed on one of our balconies and our kids have had a lot of fun watching the plants grow. See the attached photos of our raised bed that we assembled as a family and our thriving garden. 


3. Visit your local Farmer’s Market: A trip to the farmer's market can be a tasty treat as well as an opportunity for your child to learn about organic food standards, gain respect for small farms and enjoy great farm to table fresh food. We like to make a list of certain fruits and vegetables that are our favorites ahead of time and then we set out to try and find them. The kids get really excited and proud when they find a booth that has them. 

4. Scavenger/Treasure Hunt: Get kids moving with a custom made Scavenger Hunt in the park or neighborhood. Heaps of ideas for hunts can be found on Pinterest if you’re short on time. Or see our list for one we did recently with our kids.

5. Take a hike: Hikes are a great way to let kids to roam free a bit and explore the great outdoors. Make it more interesting by bringing friends along or having a picnic mid-hike. Giving your child a camera is a fun idea to help them engage in the activity and find things to discover and photograph.

6. Nature Scrapbook: This is really fun! Go for a walk outdoors, around the neighborhood even and collect wildflowers, leaves or branches for a fun scrapbook. Create drawings or take photographs to identifying different species of trees and flowers.

7. Organize a Kids Beach Clean-up Activity: Inspire and educate your kids about caring for their local beach, lake or park. Educate your group along the way by discussing how long it takes for the environment to break down certain types of trash, and how the trash affects birds, fish and in the end, us as humans. This activity creates team building in through the common effort to clean-up our beloved beaches and parks, while getting to share ideas for solutions with one another.


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