April is Earth Month. And with Earth Day 2022 just around the corner, there’s no better time than now to teach kids about the importance of caring for our planet. Show them how to appreciate the beauty all around them – the sun, the sky, the mountains, and the ocean. Nurture their creativity with fun projects that allow them to both explore nature and connect more deeply with Mother Earth.

Three fun Earth Day activities for kids

Here are three Earth Day activities you and your kids can do easily from the comfort of your home this Earth Day 2022.

Three Fun Earth Day Activities for Kids

1. Use Soup Cans to Plant Seeds and Watch Them Grow

Fun Activities for Kids on Earth Day 2022

Gardening and watching seeds grow is both an amazing science lesson for kids and a wonderful way to develop a greater appreciation for just how wonderful nature can be. You can guide your little one to use soup cans, cups, or bottles to plant herbs and create their own mini herb garden. 

This simple upcycling activity allows them to dig in the dirt, plant their own seeds, connect with nature, and see up close the beauty of what can develop and grow with a little time, love and care.

2. Discover Outdoors and Learn About Nature in Your Area

Fun Activities for Kids on Earth Day 2022

Source: @moonfallmama

When teaching kids about Mother Nature, showing is far more impactful than telling. Take your little ones out for an adventure to the woods, a park, a meadow, or simply your garden, then let them simply explore their surroundings.

Encourage your child to try activities that can help them experience the beauty of nature, for example, closing their eyes and listening to the birds singing, watching flowers blooming, gathering fallen petals and counting the colors.  We always bring a little basket with us to bring home some treasures that we display or create something with.  

3. Use Leftover Vegetables and Fruit for Stamping

Fun Activities for Kids on Earth Day 2022

Stamping is a perfect activity to stimulate your kid’s creativity and help them make awesome artwork from leftover vegetables or fruits. You can also use this simple art-meets-nature science project to teach kids about symmetry and patterns that exist in nature.

Simply cut the fruit in half, pat dry to remove any excess juice and then apply an even coat of paint and away you go!  We used the leftover end of the celery stock but use your imagination and see what your fruits & veggies can do!

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